MAXimator – low-cost easy-to-use FPGA evaluation board


MAXimator is a low-cost entry-level FPGA evaluation board developed and produced by Kamami. The heart of the MAXimator board is modern MAX10 FPGA, which features 8000 logic elements (LE), 500 CLBs, 178 IOs, 378kb M9K embedded memory and 1376kb (172kB) user Flash memory. It is supported by free Altera Quartus Prime software.


MAXimator is a well-designed, cost-optimal easy-to-use board ideal for those taking their first steps into the world of FPGA’s. The board features Arduino Uno Rev 3 connectors which make it easy to expand with external peripheral modules. It also features HDMI+CEC+DCC and VGA interfaces.


The MAXimator can be found in the official Altera MAX10 Development Kits and Boards list.

A set containing the MAXimator board together with USB programmer (USB Blaster compatible) and multi-function shield is available at a special price. A film showing the unboxing of the set is presented below.

More information about the MAXimator as well as example projects can be found on the MAXimator website.